Monday, September 15, 2014

dot blog

I think that it was a day for making a dot.  My dot looked like a plan crash in to a tree.  there were some people watching the plan crash into the tree. Then fireworks aperad out of new were.

Friday, September 12, 2014


An Unforgettable School Day

    It was a hot day.  All the kids were drenched in sweat like no other.  It was August in O’Neill.  There were about 50 kids out on the field bouncing around until coach said, “STOP NOW!” Then everybody looked at coach and straightened up as quick as a flash.
    Everybody was tired and wanted to stop after practicing for two hours, but coach said, “NO WE CAN’T STOP NOW WE ARE SO FAR IN TODAY!” We all said, “OK COACH!”  Then we went back to playing football.
    As we started to do pass plays, we had Matt and Lio as receivers. Next, we threw the ball to the open receiver. I would love to be a receiver but I am too big so the coach suggested I should be a line man.
           Before football practice started I was so much bigger. I weighed at least 136 pounds. Now I weigh at least 120 pounds and I want to keep losing weight. The first day of football was the best day of school. So if you want to get in shape go out for football.