Friday, November 14, 2014

American Freedom

What is freedom? Freedom in the U.S is so important. Freedom can be observed all over. There are symbols everywhere. We have special celebrations and it means a lot to different people.
The meaning of freedom is doing things like walking around the neighborhood without getting taken by Germans. We can say things to other people without getting in trouble for freedom of speech. You can learn to read and write whenever you want to.
There are a bunch of symbols that represents our country like our eagle that we adore so much. We all so love our flag that is red, white, and blue. You can take long walks wherever you want to go for the day.
What is the meaning of celebrating our freedom with the 4th of July and red, white, and blue fireworks? We also celebrate Labor Day by remembering our freedom. We can’t forget about Veterans Day and thanking the veterans for saving us from dying.  Freedom is a great thing for millions of Americans. The symbols and celebrations are so important. I am proud to live in America and to be an American.