Friday, February 20, 2015

College essay

   My mom works hard every day. She manages her own roofing company. Someday I would like to be like my mom. Even though she didn’t go to college there are things I can still learn there. I think college can open a lot of doors for me so that I can be successful in the future.

    My goal is to look into a two year college program to learn more about mechanics.  I love fixing up trucks and feel that I could eventually own my own 1977 Ford F-250.  I would also like to know how to manage my business.  I see my mom working on billing and know that I would be responsible for this in my own business someday.  I think that people would want to bring their vehicles to me if they knew I had a college degree.

    In college I would learn how to put motors in old cars. I would be able to name all the parts in the motor and take apart an engine. I would learn how to manage the money in my shop. I might meet people who can set me up with other people and eventually get a job in the field of mechanics. Then I could get experience before opening my own shop.

    My hope is to make my parents proud of me.  My Dad has inspired me to work on cars. I enjoy working on things with him.  My Mom teaches me everyday how hard work pays off. I want her to someday look at me and see success. I feel I can succeed and that college can make me successful.

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