Friday, April 17, 2015

My Mom

Do you think that a girl could be a roofer? Well guess what my mom is a roofer. My mom owns her own business, she works hard to get her nice rides and a nice house. In this essay I will show you about my inspiration, Amanda, my mom.

My mom used to be a soccer mom, but now she owns her own business which is called “Tore it Up Roofing.”  She works long hours.  She manages her own crew of workers who replace shingles on roofs.  She just started her business this year but already it is doing great. So these are the examples of how my mom is now a business woman.

Yesterday when she was coming home she had to pick up a toilet from my grandpa’s house.  She didn’t know that there was electric out let uncovered. She was backing up with the toilet in her hands and she got shocked by 220 volts of electricity! This is one example of her hard work.  Other hard work that my mom does is when she takes care of the bills and helps me on my homework for the day.

My mom, my brothers, and I enjoy riding dirt bikes and four wheelers. Once my mom hurt her back when she jumped the four wheeler and landed wrong. When I jumped the dirt bike my brother was going under when me on the dirt bike and I was flying over my brother and my where saying wow.

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